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Helia Health & Beauty

Studio Rentals

Studio Rentals

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About the Studio

The Studio at Helia Health & Beauty is perfect for hosting:

  • Wellness classes like yoga, zumba, etc.
  • Intimate cocktail hours or receptions
  • Work parties
  • Dance classes
  • Educational Seminars 
  • More...

Dimentions & Capacity

The studio is roughly 300 sq feet, great for small gatherings or wellness classes.

The studio accommodates a maximum of 25 people.


Customer’s will be given the door code to enter the space once their  payment is received. Utilization of the front door key code is on a need to know basis and should only be released to anyone authorized to utilize the space.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are not possible after signing of the contract If an event needs to be rescheduled and this is communicated more than 14 days in advance, we will make our best effort to find a replacement date at no charge. Rescheduling is not guaranteed if made less than 14 days in advance.

Insurance & Damages

Customer is responsible for arranging insurance for their personal property against all risks and for their liability to, and for their clients. Practitioner agrees to waive any right of recovery against the Company and its applicable landlord for any damage, loss, theft or misappropriation of property under their control and any liability to and for their clients, including for injuries to you or your clients in or about the Space. Customer agrees to hold the Company exempt and harmless and defend the Company and its landlord, if applicable, from and against any damage and injury to any such person or to such property, to the extent arising from their use of the Space or from their failure to keep the premises in good condition and repair as provided in this Agreement. 

Damages: All property in the Space is understood to be under Customer’s control. Customer is responsible for any damage they cause to the Space beyond normal wear and tear. 


The Space is being accepted in an “as-is” condition. Customer has had the opportunity to inspect the Space and shared areas (waiting area, restroom, and breakroom), and is satisfied with their respective conditions. Customer agrees to leave The Studio at Helia Health Space in the same, or better condition than they found it. Practitioner agrees to use the assigned  “Space” for the purposes listed above and may not carry out any illegal activities in violation law or for any immoral, unlawful, or objectionable purposes. Further, Practitioner shall not use or permit the usage of any illegal drug in the Space, or permit any unreasonable or unnecessary noises or odors, or commit any nuisance or act whatsoever that may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other occupants in the Space. 

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Studio at Helia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer recurring rental options?

For recurring rentals, we offer packaged discounts for 3 or 6 months. Please contact for more information.

Do you provide equipment?

Chairs and/or equipment not included in rental price.