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Blueberry Basil Rooibos Tea

Blueberry Basil Rooibos Tea

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Blueberry basil rooibos soaks in fruitful flavors to sweeten up your teatime. With no caffeine, it’s great any time of day and for kids. It has a wonderful blue hue to admire and a mild herbal finish. This clever rooibos blend is a refreshing and unique combination of green rooibos blueberry, lemon peel, and a pop of basil that brews great hot or iced tea.

No Caffeine

Ingredients: South African Green Rooibos, Blueberries, Basil, Lemon Peels, Organic Natural Flavor

Sample Tin 1.58oz (45g), Standard Pouch 4oz (113.4g)

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